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Yearly Archives: 2007

The Death of a Journeyman

I seem to have a habit of latching on to lost causes as far as TV series go. I find some program I think is a gem, but performs like an underdog. I root for it, hope for it, but like my faith in the Raiders, it tends not to come through. Some previous examples […]

Wednesday Puzzle Game: Safecracker

One thing I’ve been intending to write about is my experiences with and reviews of our Wednesday night puzzle game tradition. Andrea, Given, and I started this tradition long ago where once a week we’d get together and play some puzzle adventure game (I think our first was The 7th Guest), We finished “Missing: Since […]

Always an Interruption

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything to this blog. This is not to say I haven’t felt like writing anything; indeed, there are 10-15 drafts waiting to be finished in the queue on various topics. My problem is I’m constantly interrupted. As a stay-at-home father, my two year-old daughter nearly always needs […]

Puzzle Tweening

I have a problem with every puzzle I create: Tweening. In animation, it refers to the animator who draws the images between the keyframes (or in Flash, the automated animation between them); in Puzzleland, I’m referring to the process between germination of a puzzle idea and the finished result. A simple example would be a […]

Understanding the Point

On Saturday, I was travelling down to Berkeley and gazed out across the bay at San Francisco. As I saw one of the more obvious landmarks of the City, it suddenly hit me: I now understand why the Transamerica Pyramid and the Washington Monument were used in a visual depiction of GPS coordinates.

End of the Season

Well that pretty wraps up the 2007 puzzle hunt season. Although the Unibangers plan to do the next BANG, something tells me that it won’t happen until 2008. It seems kind of weird that there was only one BANG this year when the average has been about four. Maybe that’s due to all the other […]

First Pinball Highscore

Today, I made it to the top of the top on The Twilight Zone pinball game: 765 million! That’s probably not a lot for a wizard, but for me it’s a first so I’m going to be proud of myself anyway. There were a lot of twos involved: Two extra balls, two multiball sessions, two […]

MSPH Update: 13th Place?

I got an email from Randy last night that our team, 196, had been bumped down a few places, to 13th. I’m assuming that that is still based on time since a few teams apparently took on OUTERMAGE without GC noticing until the wrapup, where they promised to update standings. Considering we were in first […]