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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Leftover Iron Puzzles

While working on the wiki today, I came across a writeup I had done for our team’s participation in the Iron Puzzler. The main reason I even wrote it was to present some of the alternate puzzles that we designed, which I think are superior to the puzzles we submitted (not necessarily good mind you, […]

Future Games

I’ve been thinking too much about what we would do if and when it came time for The Smoking GNU to host a BANG. We came in fifth in BANG 17 and if we used B&B’s standards, hosting would fall on us. Luckily, Platonic Solids added that the next host should also have participated in […]

Back to Three

I talked to a teammate a few days ago and found out that he no longer holds any interest in puzzle hunts anymore, mostly because his other hobbies (apart from WoW) are of such a nature to allow him to bring his family along. The sad thing is that brings our team roster down to […]

The Long Solve

It’s been about five years since I bought it, but I finally finished Myst III: Exile the other day, spurred on by the thought of getting together with friends to play Myst V. When I originally purchased Exile, I made quick progress until overlooked one small detail (the balanced balls in the antagonist’s lair), got […]

The Smoking What??

It’s a little disheartening to find that the only award our team received from the No More Secrets game had to do with the fact that our team name references “GNU” (or “GNU’S Not Unix”), while our team’s video application was in a proprietary Windows format. Part of me thinks that explaining why would be […]

My Brain

There’s been a long-held hypothesis that people with epilepsy tend to be more creative, better thinkers, and greater people than ordinary people, especially frontal-lobe epilepsy. Whether or not this is true, I know that I have both “normal” epilepsy (grand mal seizures) and as well as frontal-lobe (complex partial), and that I feel a constant […]

No Rings Yet

I decided to check to see whether any rings from the Alchemist Dar treasure hunt had been found. Nope, none found. It’s been about seven months since I bought my copy and about five since I gave up on being able to wring any new information out of its pages. On the Wikipedia page, several […]

No More Secrets Pictures

Our pictures from No More Secrets are up on my puzzle events website. I enjoyed visiting locations I’d never been before, but one of the highlights was watching the sun set over Santa Cruz. Additionally, here’s a pic from GC of us trying to sing our way into Microsoft. How bad was our singing/whistling/humming? Eventually […]