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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Google Puzzle Hunt Wrapup

To my surprise, I enjoyed the first-ever Google Puzzle Hunt more than any other puzzle event I’ve participated in to date. To be fair, I’ve only been puzzle-hunting for less than a year, so I’ve only been in five or six. But considering that this was going to be a conference room-style puzzle hunt, I […]


Suddenly, Second Breakfast’s mailing list is going crazy as we all try to co-ordinate six members in Seattle and six members at Mountain View. The good news? We got a new Google team member to replace the one who got sick (get well soon!), bringing our count up to three onsite Googlers. The bad news? […]

Parental Side Effects

One thing nobody tells you (or at least never told me) is that as a parent, you’ll be listening to a lot of kid’s music, and those songs will get stuck in your head. I wonder if my Dad had the same problem with the Sesame Street theme song. One song that just played seems […]

I’m going to Googol land!

Finally, I know what team I’m on for the Googol Conglomerate Open House: Second Breakfast. I wonder if they know about elevensies… I finished reading Team Leader’s writeup of his experience during Pirates BATH (it printed out to about ten pages) and now am pestering him to let me post it. I found it very […]

Explaing XOR to a 11 year-old

I was at the park today with a friend, her daughter, and her niece. The neice was taking a look at pictures from my daughter’s birthday when she came across a video I had taken of the Blinkenlights puzzle from No More Secrets. I tried to explain how the puzzler worked to her, but mostly […]

Free Air!

Back from Ecuador and I have a new-found respect for smog control. And seatbelts. And temperate climates. And whole wheat. It was also a bit jarring to see soldiers with machine guns at grocery stores as a theft deterrent and a battleship patrolling the bay of the touristy beach. The funny thing about not being […]

Change in Plans

I was going to write today about my thoughts on puzzle design, especially puzzles where the data extracted can be applied arbitrarily, but I’m leaving tonight for Ecuador, so I guess I should start packing. The Googol Conglomerate Open House is on only a few days after we get back. I don’t even know what […]