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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Midnight Cartoon Madness

So I’m just sitting here with Robot Chicken playing in the background, when all of the sudden, in a Cheers-like fashion, a bunch of voices shout “Leon!” and a scruffy looking geek in glasses comes up to the screen. “Hmmmmm,” thought I, “that seems an awful lot like…” And it was. I have no idea […]

Sunburnt for Shinteki

So I spent yesterday puzzle-sitting for Shinteki’s Decathlon III. Apart from not applying sunscreen (despite having brought some and being given some), the day went really well. It was surprisingly relaxing, considering my behind-the-scenes work at our puzzle hunt last year, but the sites were just beautiful. I wish I had brought a tennis racquet […]

No More Harry Potter

Done. Thank goodness for clove oil, which deadened my head pain enough for me to read. The Deathly Hallows is behind me. I can now get back to trying to analyze uncommented PHP code, developing puzzles for the September puzzle hunt, and, most importantly, taking care of my daughter (who, for the record, I hope […]


It’s been a little over a week since I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed and the sockets are hurting like nothing else. Both I and my dentist suspect dry socket, which Wikipedia describes: A dry socket typically presents as a sharp and sudden increase in pain commencing 2–5 days following the extraction of a mandibular […]

Fencing the Square

Jonathan and I talked today about IBM’s July “Ponder This” puzzle, which basically asks what’s minimum amount of walls you would need to prevent people on different sides of a square from seeing each other. He says he has a solution, but the problem is he’s pretty sure that there’s a better answer, based only […]

Thwarted Again!

An announcement came out recently about an event in New York city that seems to directly take an idea we had should we host a BANG. So what does that mean? Should we throw the idea out the window completely? Should we keep it and have people thing, “Oh, you just copied that idea from […]

The End of Wisdom

Today, I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed. Not so much because there’s anything wrong with them, but because the Dilantin is causing my gums to swell, promoting gum disease, and making cleaning difficult. I don’t like the idea of artifically loosing consciousness. I don’t like the idea of dental surgery. I don’t like the idea […]

Illusions of Math

Given, Andrea and I are recently started playing Realms of Illusions (otherwise known as Sentinel: Descendants in Time). Last night, we came across a puzzle in Tregett which had eight switches on four consoles that lit up a different series of twenty lights for each switch. Only one switch per console could be on and […]

What a Difference a Dash Makes

One flaw in the Googol Puzzle Hunt, I think, was a strong reliance on wikipedia. It was even admitted during the end meeting that the Burninators had gone in and updated/hacked some entries in order to produce the right search results. However, not everybody uses Google to search and not everybody trusts wikipedia enough to […]