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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Lost vs. Sudoku

I wonder how I would feel if I wrote an “ultrarealistic” screenplay about a plane that crashed on a deserted island that was rejected because the shark attack of a swimmer was deemed “too unrealistic”, but then was accepted once it was rewritten by “Alias” creator to include a monster and a polar bear attack […]

Wine and Fish

Just for fun yesterday, I added two items to my eVite list of possible things for guests to bring to the Labor Day BBQ: A 1982 Chateau Margaux, evidently worth several thousand per bottle; and Chilean sea bass, aka Patagonian toothfish, which can fetch up to $1000 each. Immediately afterwards, I made a Costco run, […]

Puzzle Hunt Prizes

I was talking with a friend yesterday about how, when trying to describe a puzzle hunt to someone who’s never heard of it before, one of the typical responses is, “So, what do you win?” Almost invariably, the person cannot understand why anyone would want to compete in a contest of skill that has no […]

Wedding Acrostic Wrapup

I am so happy for my two newly wed friends, Eric and Linda, and almost, but not quite, as glad to have the acrostic puzzle for their wedding completed. It turned out to be a bigger part of their wedding than I expected and I got a little more notice than I had planned on, […]

How to treat a Mythbuster

A member of the Mystbusters’ team was a groomsmen at my friend Linda’s wedding yesterday. Eric (her now-husband) had told me his old roommate and long-time friend was on Mythbusters and, being a huge fan of the show, I always thought it’d be cool to meet him. I know Eric and Linda told him about […]

He really should have known

The following is as near a complete transcript of the conversation as my brain will allow.Me: Hi Dad, mind if I use your radial arm saw? Dad: As long as you don’t take any fingers off. What do you need it for? Me: I want to make scale replicas of these. [holds up strange objects] […]

Photos – Shinteki Decathlon III

I’ve finally gotten photos from Week 1 of Shinteki Decathlon III up. Most of them are simply various teams arriving and solving at clue sites I staffed. However, I decided not to take pictures of teams at Site 10 for the Endurance challenge since: a) none of the teams arrived until after dark; and b) […]