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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Puzzle Hunt Porn

Who would have ever guessed that puzzlehunt.com would redirect to shaggle.com, a front for Adult Friend Finder and pretty NSFW? Kind of a waste of a good domain name. Those are the difficulties you run into when browsers outside your network attempt to interpret intranet addresses. Luckily, my wife thought it was funny.

Gamin’ on the Slopes

If it rained today, I didn’t see it. But it was predicted and that shows that the 2007 puzzle hunt season is drawing to a close. No one has announced any new BANGs (though I hear of rumors from time to time of teams, including my own, working on one), or Games, or anything else. […]

New Projects for Fall

Yesterday, after a morning high of about 95F, temperatures dropped in the afternoon to below 70F, which, along with the thirty thousand acorns that landed in my backyard and the sweaters that came out of the closet, kind of signals fall is here. With my wife’s encouragement, I’ve started working on a new puzzle project […]