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Yearly Archives: 2008

Nonoriddle: The Sequel

I’m one of those strange people who doesn’t celebrate Christmas (or any holiday in December), so I’m afraid today’s nonoriddle, “80s Rapper II“, has no holiday theme. It was supposed to be last Thursday’s puzzle, but I completely forgot about it. Two weeks ago, there was this “Breakfast Staple” puzzle. David3x3x3 reported the fastest time […]

Another postponed nonoriddle

The nonoriddle that was supposed to be put up yesterday wasn’t and won’t be up until next Monday. My apologies for that. Thursday’s puzzle should be posted as normal, despite the holiday.

Poor Bank Executives

I try not to be judgemental about people. I try and respect their opinions even if I disagree with the. If their wrong, try not get angry and superior about it. I try not to let other people’s actions think less of them, even the pretty stupid ones. I failed at that when hearing about […]

The Game vs. The Game

When I saw Michael Douglas in The Game back in 1997, I thought to myself that it would be awesome to take part in something like that, despite other thoughts that there was no way, no matter how much of a personality test you took, that they’d be able to predict exactly where you’d attempt […]

Heroes and the Villan Ex Machina

I haven’t seen yesterday’s Heroes, but I wanted write something down about last week’s so I can get back to sleep. I actually thought “Our Father” was developing quite well, with Claire and Hiro interacting with their parents sixteen years ago and successfully getting the carrier of the catalyst (aka the Light) to be switched […]

A Nonoriddle to Sell You

The solution to this week’s 10×10, “Bridge Burner“, made my wife give a short snort of laughter when she read it, so be warned. Five times came in for last week’s “Kinks’ Album“. David3x3x3 was a quick three minutes twelve seconds, followed by a tie between Jetzm and joefendel at three minutes fifty seconds. Prestemon […]