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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Upcoming Puzzle Events

Today – Trogday: Trogdor turns five. January 18 – MIT Mystery Hunt: Jonathan’s flying out to Boston and joining the Silly Hat Brigade, the captain of which, oddly enough, went to the SRJC with us. Sure, he was eight at the time, but maybe he’ll remember. February 3 – Superbowl XLII: Hosting a surprise mini-puzzle […]

How NOT To Make A Fool of Yourself on American Idol

American Idol starts its new season tomorrow and rest assured the first round of episodes will consist primarily of people looking like idiots while failing to prove they can, in fact, sing. If I could, I would give these people some advice that might save them some infamy. 1. Record yourself singing and then listen […]

Best Laid GNU Plans

Jonathan, co-founder and captain of The Smoking GNU, came up to Santa Rosa for the Christmas-through-New Years week. It had been our plan to get together a least a day or two to do some brain-storming and location scouting in order to determine the feasibility of us hosting a BANG this year. However, due to […]

Alchemist Dar – Terminated?

It’s been a while since I checked on the ring status for the “Secrets of the Alchemist Dar” treasure hunt, since I’ve all but given up on solving anything further. I was fairly surprised today to find that the website was down. Checking around, I found out that a few days after my birthday, the […]

Crayons Keep Me Up At Night

I’m sick. My white blood cells are doing their best to attack the invading rhinovirus and thus my body needs as much sleep as it can get in order to power the production in my bone marrow, yet last night I was up until 1:30am. The reason? A few days ago I discovered Crayon Physics. […]

Puzzles In Fiction – National Treasure: Book of Secrets

The best thing about NT:BOS is the cartoon beforehand. I seriously thought they were showing a classic Goofy “How To” short; however, while How To Hook Up Your Home Theater may look classic, it’s actually brand new. Amazingly, it’s as laugh-out-loud funny as the older ones. The National Treasure movie itself is kinda fun, but […]

Candorville and Rice on Journeyman

I was surprised to see that not only did Darrin Bell, artist and author of Candorville, agree with me about Journeyman’s qualities as a TV show, he’s also come to the same conclusion as I: Maybe if I apologize for admiring the show’s sophisticated writing, its surprisingly (for network TV) moving acting, and the sense […]