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Monthly Archives: February 2008

An Envelope for the NYT

Yesterday, I sent off one of my puzzles to the New York Times for consideration as a novelty puzzle. It’s really a long shot and I don’t have any big hopes… except for that tiny, tiny spark of hope that I keep hidden because I know it has no sense of reality.

Renewed Puzzle Hunt Enthusiasm

If nothing else, Saturday night’s city search for obscure parts of streets fired a renewed desire to participate in more puzzle hunts. On the drive home after the Treasure Hunt, I was urged by more than one person to get off my ass and put on another Santa Rosa Puzzle Hunt (which I had to […]

Treasure Hunt Weather

It looks like the environment alone is enough to make the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt interesting this year. A major storm is moving in. It’s cold, wet, and gray and it’s going to get worse. Heavy downpours and gusty wind will be added to the mix. Still, we’re planning on having a good time. […]

Help Prevent Online Petitions!

One of those things you find when you’re bored: To: PetitionOnline.com Whereas, we find online petitions to be annoying, and Whereas, we think the people who participate in online petitions tend to be self-important idiots who overestimate their own significance, and Whereas, petitionline.com is a major provider of online petition hosting, We hereby petition petitiononline.com […]

Puzzles In Fiction: Mr. Monk Is On The Run (part 1)

Last Friday’s episode of Monk started with a coded piece of evidence found at an apparent robbery scene. On the paper were the following words: TOFORCEHEAVEN,MARSSHALLHAVE ANEWANGEL I paused the TV. Karina and I took a few minutes and solved it… except for the last word. After Monk solved the puzzle as well and we […]

Two New Puzzle Hunts Scheduled

April 12 – BAAG (1?): Coed Astronomy is hosting what seems to be a non-night version of the BANG (as opposed to confusing people and replacing the “Night” with, say, “Noon”) in San Francisco this spring. Sounds like a good idea to me: When comparing BANG 16 and BANG 17, I have to say handling […]

Late Mystery Hunt Photo

I meant to post this a while ago, but here’s a photo of Jonathan (left) doing his part with the Silly Hat Brigade at the MIT Mystery Hunt that was published in the MIT student paper. On more than on occassion, oddly enough, he was asked what team he was on…