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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Another Puzzle Hunt Comes to Santa Rosa

Today, a friend of mine asks if I’m involved in developing the “Santa Rosa Puzzle Hunt” for the city (I’m not). While I’m all for more puzzle activities, I get the feeling someone’s stealing our hunt’s name! Nearly two years ago, Jonathan and I hosted a small puzzle hunt and called it the Santa Rosa […]

Disproving a Preclue’s Existence

It’s not possible of course. I wouldn’t even be looking for one, since this Midnight Madness is Back to Basics, which I could easily take to mean no website, no preclues, etc. Only two things have kept me looking: William Howard Taft and the red number 5. In the presentation by Snout and Drunken Spider, […]

Captains Meeting – Part 1

Jonathan, captain of The Smoking GNU, decided for some reason that he didn’t want to drive the six hours or so to Milpitas last Wednesday to attend the mysterious Captains Meeting for the Midnight Madness: Back to Basics Game. That left it to me, co-captian, co-founder, and Team Wrangler (I’m still working on other titles) […]

Long Distance Puzzle Affairs

I have two puzzle-related trips to make to the South Bay this week, thanks to, at minimum, three teams (Coed Astronomy, Just Passing Through, and one team who, for the moment, shall remain nameless – mostly because I don’t yet know their name), both of which I’m looking forward to. The main drawback, of course, […]