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Monthly Archives: April 2008

SF Mini-Game Pics

Pictures from the coed astronomy’s puzzle hunt on April 26 are available to anyone who wants to see them. Team members have promised to send me their pictures to add as well, but who knows when that will be? On a side note, I just noticed that the full-screen slideshow option is not working for […]

Sick Again

A few weeks ago, I caught a cold from my daughter just before Midnight Madness, but luckily, I was fully symptom-free a few hours beforehand. With less than 24 hours until coed astronomy’s mini-Game, she’s gone and infected me again. I’m now desperate to stop this rhinovirus. There are several remedies out there for shortening […]

Expected Rejection

A few months ago, I sent a puzzle away to the New York Times for consideration as a novelty puzzle. Today, I got a response: Will asked me to say thanks for showing him your Boxed In puzzle. Unfortunately, it’s not something he can use. Now back to the normally scheduled reality

Workin’ on my Superpowers

It can be pretty hard to hear Don Luskin when he’s talking atop a Stanford parking structure with the wind is blowing and the conversation of a hundred or so other people going on around. The obvious solution is to somehow get my ears nearer to the speaker without actually moving my body. My attempt […]

That’s a Meta???

The answers (pdf) to the haiku clues used in the Downtown Santa Rosa Puzzle Hunt were released recently. I actually wasn’t that interested in the answers, having solved a few and saw how little fun it would be to solve any more; however, I was curious how the meta worked, the one thing that made […]

Single word vs. directions solves

Last night, Given’s ear infection kept him from joining Andrea and I for our Wednesday night session of Agon. Deciding not to waste puzzling time, she and I enjoyed some practice for the SF Mini-Game by working on BANG 12 clues, picking up where we left off after The Smoldering YAK’s practice session on Sunday. […]