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Monthly Archives: May 2008

A Birdie of a Different Color

We spent Memorial Day with friends at my grandparents’ ranch (my grandfather is a Flying Tiger from WWII) where I grew up. It was this fateful day that I found out that they have changed my favorite game! A group of us had decided to play badminton and Lacy was feeling confident as my partner […]

I’m Totally Worth It

I earned a new nickname over the weekend. On Sunday, a friend of mine organized a “Guys’ Day”, which he does a few times a year, where we get together and just play some four-person games on his XBox 360, drink Henry Weinhard sodas, and grill some formerly alive animals. Halo 3 was up this […]

Shinteki Decathlon 4 – Part the Third

EIEIO and the Shintekimon bonuses were still kicking our butts when we arrived at the next location, a giant book in front of a library. A librarian leaving the building let us know that the library had just closed, for which we thanked her. It took us a second to realize that the mural in […]

Shinteki Decathlon 4 – Part II

Okay, the heat wave’s over, my laptop is no longer resetting every five minutes, and Natalie’s asleep… (I should note that since my last Shinteki post, the results have been posted and my theory that not going back to the van to use the computer to aid in solving Teamwork cost us was correct: Our […]

Fun with Phone Messages

Pacificare recording: I need to ask you a few questions to determine which account to pull up. Is this regarding yourself or a family member? Me: Family member. Pacificare recording: I’m sorry. Please answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.