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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Nonoriddles and Automobiles

This week’s nonoriddle, entitled “Car Type“, is up. No one submitted a fastest time for last week’s riddle, perhaps due to its (now fixed) problem. However, I do have one report that someone solved it in under three minutes. I guess he’s been making good use of Picross DS.

My first review!

There’s a brief but positive review of nonoriddles over at Puzzlinks, a blog that lives up to its name. Defintely a confidence booster, but I’m really just glad that someone enjoys them.

Clones! Why’d it have to be clones?

There’s a small cliche in science fiction that I absolutely cannot stand. It is the whole “Let’s replace a character with a duplicate and see if anyone notices” – basically a subset of the evil twin idea. It’s why I never watched BSG beyond the mini-series, despite everyone telling me it’s the best scifi on […]

Nonoriddle Fixed

Someone pointed out that this week’s nonoriddle, “Jade-Like Tint“, had a typo in the answer-verification process, meaning that people who typed in the right answer may have been told that they were wrong. This has been fixed, and my apologies to all (one?) of you who encountered this difficulty.

Newspaper Clippings from Early Games

Following Larry’s lead, I asked y2kbozo if s/he could send me the clippings mentioned in the post. A little while later, y2kbozo sent me a zip file with newspaper clippings, invites, and even a clue from the first four Games. I’ve put all that was sent up in the gallery and some samples below. An […]

Good is Good

One thing about writing in the blogosphere is the small amount of feedback there tends to be. In many a case, it’s similar to giving a speech to a large box that may or may not be filled with people who are listening. Schrödinger’s audience, essentially. Today, surprisingly and quite by accident, I found that […]