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Monthly Archives: July 2008

New Ghostbusters Movie?

Coming fresh off the heels of the 22/25 Ghost Patrol split, it looks like talks are in the works to make a new Ghostbusters movie, staring Steve Carell and Seth Rogen. According to our source all four Ghostbusters — Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson — have agreed to return to the […]

Last July Nonoriddle

Somehow through the five stages of grief in not making Ghost Patrol, a new nonoriddle did get put together. This week’s puzzle, somewhat poorly titled “Pool Choice” is up for solving. It is a little late because as I was putting it up Sunday night, I found a fatal flaw that meant it needed to […]

Applying the Kübler-Ross model

Denial – “You sure you didn’t get our name mixed up with The Moe King’s News? Easy mistake I know, but we use a hard ‘g’. Their application was way below standard anyway. So where do we mail the check again?” Anger – “You’ve frakking kidding me, right? I put 92 hours into editing that […]

Me and Cryptics: A Hate Story

I’m a firm believer that with enough effort and practice, nearly anything can be learned. However, I have yet to begin to master one element that seems to appear in nearly any puzzle hunt over a day long: Cryptic crosswords. I remember someone singing the praises of one hunt I participated in because it had […]

Numbrix: A New Logic Puzzle by Vos Savant

Last time I checked, Parade was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest magazine circulation. So the fact that Marilyn vos Savant has developed a new logic puzzle named “Numbrix” probably isn’t news to many people. It’s a logic puzzle, but not that difficult of one. It’s almost like it’s […]

CBS’s Psych

Is it just me or did CBS just take Psych (one of my favorite shows), put it in a blender, and serve it as a crime drama called The Mentalist?

New Nonoriddle and Thoughts There On

The newest puzzle is entitled “Portion Size” and is available for solving. Sorry for the delay. For the previous puzzle, “Feminine Nickname“, the first official time under five minutes was submitted (with proof) by Jetzm, at four minutes twenty-three seconds. The second fastest time was eight minutes twenty seconds by sblom. Some things that have […]

Pop-Up (Ghost Patrol) Video

I was re-watching a few of the Ghost Patrol application videos this morning, and saw that the Burnin’ Beaters have added Pop-up Video style annotations to their video on Youtube. Pretty cool, especially since there were some parts where I wasn’t sure what was going on originally (e.g. the Starcraft portion) and I always love […]