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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Record Rain Nonoriddle & She’s back!

My wife came back yesterday after a two-week absence and we celebrated by going out for brunch, swimming, and generally not uploading nonoriddles. So today is when “Rain Record” (a 6×6 easy) is available, having made use of the free time my daughter’s first day by herself at pre-school afforded me to put it up. […]

An Unexpect Puzzle in the Mail

On Friday, I got a nice surprise: A letter from Matt (who, for some reason, has only played in Coed Astronomy events as of yet) with a puzzle that promised to be the first of three parts. I have all three parts now, but have refused to open parts two and three since they will […]

Shinteki August Puzzle

It’s been out for four days, but yet there’s been only one solve for Shinteki’s new monthly puzzle. Either means that it’s more challenging than expected, few people know about it, and/or the leaderboard hasn’t been updated. For me, it’s the first option. I’ve had several ideas, and the most interesting one stopped working at […]

The Table Type Nonoriddle

I couldn’t think of a better name than “Table Type” for this weeks 10×10. It’s kind of bland and I seem to be using “[something] type” too often, but it suits its purpose. The top times for last week’s “Humor Style” are seven minutes forty-two seconds by Jetzm and seven minutes and an unnspecified number […]

New Nano Nono

A new 6×6 puzzle, “Red vs. Blue” is up and the previous 6×6, “Sleep Curvy” now has solution buttons available. These are easier puzzles, intended mainly for those who have never tried a nonoriddle before or for those who want a quicker solve. Oddly, they’re more difficult to compose…

Game Swapping Frustration

I signed up with Game Zone’s Swapping Service, since it’s basically what I do anyway (buy a used game, play it until done, sell back to store, and buy another game, losing a few bucks with every purchase). I found a game I’d like to buy but the people who have it are requesting a […]

The Lowdown on the LARF

Jonathan told me all about his experiences on Sunday’s LARF. He’s threatened to write them up (I give it about a 15% chance), but here’s a very short summary: Some teams complained that the puzzles were too hard; his team wondered where the puzzles were. Apparently, most of the clues consisted of some sort of […]

Grief Cycle: Complete

Okay, I guess I’ve finally reached the acceptance phase of not getting into Ghost Patrol’s official training program. Actually, I probably reached it a few days ago, but with my wife out in Texas taking care of her mom who’s starting dialysis, it took a few days of making it through full-time solo-fathering for me […]

GATH2, where are you?

I guess the fact that googling “The Great America Treasure Hunt 2” turns up only one result and that it’s not on Ravenchase’s site means that either it was cancelled or everyone’s just being really quiet about the results.