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Monthly Archives: September 2008

A Postponed Nonoriddle

I’ve decided it’s necessary to postpone what would normally be this week’s 10×10 puzzle until next week for reasons I’m not getting into here. That means that there’s another seven days for anyone who wants to get on the fastest time list, but also that the answer availability will be delayed. My apologies for this.

BANG 19 vs Ghost Patrol

Looking at the current list of teams signed for BANG 19: UDC and comparing it against the team list for Ghost Patrol, the crossover looks pretty small: Burninators coed astronomy Continental Breakfast Space Cops XX-Rated But of course, two of the teams in GP are hosting this BANG (thanks Goldfish!) and five or so teams […]

Silly Obstacles in Myst V

Last night, we finished the first world in Myst V: End of Ages… and I’m disappointed. By the puzzle, sure (a random symbol drawn in the snow indicates steam?), but primarily by the obstacle the provides the excuse for the puzzle. In this case, it’s a frozen puddle. Apparently, it was too tough for us […]

Toned New Nonoriddle

“Skin Tone“, the mid-week 6×6, is now available. I had actually wanted to name it based off a Christmas special, but I’d never seen it. Checking its Wikipedia entry, I decided the reference wouldn’t work as a title, so went with the current moniker. The fastest submitted solve times for “Scout Rank” were a quick […]

The BANGs are Back in Town

I decided to update our event list after getting accepted into BANG 19: UDC and went to the BANG homepage to get the link. To my surprise, I found that XX-Rated is planning on hosting BANG XX: Get Lucky! next March. I think there also may be another BANG a couple months after that. And […]

The Apple Pie Solution

(Kinda sounds like an episode title from The Big Bang Theory.) Baked in the toaster oven (normal oven’s broken) for twice as long as the recipe called for. Looks edible. The only downside is that there’s only six or seven apples in the recipe. I estimate that means I’d need to bake about 20 pies […]