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Monthly Archives: October 2008

How I scared my daughter before Halloween

There are some TV shows we just don’t watch with our three year-old daughter. C.S.I. and House, for example, are shows that are just a little too graphic for her. I’m not saying that based off of parental guesswork; she’s told us so herself. However, we’ve usually been fine with Life, since it’s mostly talking […]

Facebook Stalking

During a practice session for BANG 19 last weekend, one of my teammates mentioned she had joined Facebook, despite her aversion to social networking sites. She was happy, though, that it got her in touch with some old friends. Taking her example, yesterday I joined Facebook too. Mostly it was to see if I could […]

Microscopic Nonoriddle

I have to thank my daughter for inspiring “Microscope Requirement“. Well, more specifically, something she loves, and thus something I end up seeing about every day. Since both times that were submitted for last week’s “Helpful Donation” were the same, does that mean I can say that techincally only one time – forty seconds – […]

Neurology, Oxygen, and Me

My appointment with my neurologist yesterday was the briefest I’ve ever had in the nearly twenty years I’ve been seeing him. Part of the brevity was due to the fact that it’s been nearly four years since I’ve had my last seizure, something I am thrilled about pretty much every day. He actually talked about […]

BANG 19 Weather Forecast

With all the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, I had kind of expected that the advice GC had regarding inclimate weather would prove useless. However, I checked the forecast for Berkeley today and found that rain is indeed called for. Guess I’ll have to find out where Natalie hid my umbrella.

The Santana Nonoriddle

“Santana Album” is ready for solving. I’m ready for sleep. Three times were submitted for last week’s “Poker Variation“: three minutes fifteen seconds for Jetzm, four minutes forty-two seconds for joefendel, and six minutes forty-eight seconds for catherwood. Solutions are, of course, now available.

"Helpful Donation" Nonoriddle

This week’s 6×6, “Helpful Donation” is available for solving. I was impressed with the speed of the submitted times for “Wedding Type” which were all within a second of each other: Thirty-two seconds for Jetzm and thirty-three seconds for both david3x3x3 and joefendel. I wonder if the title gave away too much (how many wedding […]

The "Poker Varition" Nonoriddle

It’s funny how just one square can make a difference. When transcribing the new “Poker Variation” from my notebook, I left out a square. It took me ten minutes to solve that puzzle. After correcting my mistake, adding that one square back into the grid, it took me less half that time. There are probably […]