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Yearly Archives: 2009

Adventure Gaming: Lights Out vs The Longest Journey

Adventure games have some fairly well-defined genres of puzzles. There’s the inventory puzzle, the logic puzzle, the task puzzle, the dreaded slider, and a few others. Perhaps one additional genre should be the talker. We started out The Longest Journey with high hopes. The voice acting was so much above some of the previous adventure […]

An Undercover Puzzle from the SMDB

I’m a long-time semi-lurker at the Straight Dope Message Boards (SDMB). Relatively recently, though, they added a Game board that I haven’t checked out until today. One of the first things that caught my eye was a puzzle, entitled A Holiday For Spies. It’s got a story to go with what I first took for […]

Puzzling Letters

Hundreds of strange snail mail letters have been sent to residents of an enclave of Pittsburgh. At first, I thought it might be an interesting puzzle-based project: Some had received multi-part messages that looked like they needed assembly; another had received a letter that was had a curving cut on it and a giant letter […]

Eric solves puzzles

Eric Prestemon, captain of the Judean Peoples Front and part-time Smoking GNU member, is darned good and experienced puzzle solver. He’s recently started a blog — Solving Really Hard Puzzles — devoted to chronicling his thought process as he goes through some challenging puzzles. How challenging? Well, his first entry deals with a clue from […]

Burninators bag BANG 28

Just happened to stop by the BANG website today and saw that the Burninators have continued their tradition of hosting every seventh BANG. Maybe The Smoking GNU should plan on hosting BANG 29 and then hold it before BANG 28, just to keep that a tradition?

Eating Afterwards

(Egads, this blog’s a mess. I haven’t updated the sidebar since BANG 22. I still need to preserve my memories of BANG 24, 25, and 26. But the sun is out, the dog is restless, and I have the attention span of a squirrel these days.) I’m not a big fan of the after-BANG restaurant […]

BANG XXVI Pics (and a Vid)

I have yet, to date, been able to play with the same set of people in the twenty-some odd puzzle events I’ve participated in. Eric Prestemon and Dan Roberts joined us in our Viking expedition in the really well-executed BANG XXVI. I’ve put up pictures of the event and a short video of the penny […]