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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Nonoriddle Tales

The latest 6×6 puzzle, “Tale Type” is up for solving. It turned out a little backwards: In most riddles containing references in the first and second person, the second person (“you”) refers to the reader and the first person (“I”) refers to the answer to the riddle, a la “I am something you sit on […]

The best Sci-Fi I never watch

I always seem to hear how Battlestar Galactica is the best show on TV right now. I only watched the mini-series and decided to go no further. Some friends and my dad wonder why I never got into it. The reason is because I knew that at some point this was going to happen:

A Nonoriddle with Legs

Today should be a 6×6; however, “Mobile Advertisement” is a (late) 10×10. Because of the tardy nature, it’ll be open for solve times for an extra few days. Last week’s “Booth Job” brought a new name onto the fastest time board which I’m always happy to see. The results: Jetzm had a personal best — […]

A Sunday BANG?

I wonder if any other BANGs have been on Sunday; maybe I’ll do the research later. The only downside to a Sunday BANG is that it may make it difficult for our captain to attend. And who wants to miss BANG XX: Get Lucky? XX-Rated’s probably been planning it for a while.

Busy Busy Busy

I’m working on so many things at once right now, I feel like I’m going crazy. It doesn’t help that most of these things I can’t transcribe here. I use this blog primarily as a Pensieve and a place to organize my thoughts by getting them down on (virtual) paper. The fact that I can’t […]

Bye-bye Ender’s Game film

A few days ago, in order to refresh my memory after reading Ender in Exile, I started to read the classic Ender’s Game. At the same time, the long-in-development-hell screen version of the book was reported scrapped. Coincidence? I think not!

Classy Nonoriddle

“Swim Class” is finally online and ready to be solved. It’s been too long since “80s Rapper II was put up, but the answers are now available for it. david3x3x3 led the pack in solve times at forty-two seconds, followed by Jetzm at forty-five seconds, joefendel at fifty-six, and catherwood at a minute thirty-one. I […]