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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Missing a Team Photo

For some reason, I can’t find a single photo where our core team (Jonathan, Given, and myself) are all in the same picture. Obviously, I take nearly all the pictures, but even in the photos GC took during the Ghost Patrol playtest, only 2 of the 3 of appear together. Well, technically, Given’s leg is […]

BATH 4 Pictures and Experiences (Part 1)

(There is the possibility that BATH4 would be run again. In which case, there could be spoilers here.) BATH 4: DIY. Much to our surprise, we took 2nd! And took pictures! And (some) people like our puzzle! And by our puzzle, I mean Eric Prestemon’s. But that’s, as Alton Brown might say, another post. Joining […]

A Night Game

At the hardware store yesterday, I spotted a headlamp (with swiveling lamp!) on sale for a couple bucks. How could I say no? My daughter loves it as a fashion accessory. Coincidentally, XX-Rated released updated information and a signup page for BANG XX: Get Lucky, revealing that the entire event will be after sunset. Of […]

The Way Too Specific Puzzle Development Rule

When deciding on a third option for a location to set a puzzle in, basing it on the throwaway, tenuous idea that a friend of a friend might be able to get you access a certain Discovery show’s set will guarantee that your first two choices will be unavailable.