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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Updates on Adventure Puzzle Games

It’s been a while since I’ve jotted (typotted?) down any thoughts on Given, Andrea, and my continued exploration of puzzle-based adventure games. Myst V – Good game, good interface, somewhat confusing story. The enslaved creatures needed a backstory for me to care about them. In the end, it was basically the same plot as the […]

Another Desiring Detective Nonoriddle

It’s kind of embarrasing when you can’t solve your own puzzle, but I only solved the original version of “Detective’s Desire II” once in five tries, and that once was a fluke. I think there was a major contridiction in the puzzle that my nonogram-checker couldn’t find, but couldn’t prove it. So I moved one […]

A Sticky Nonoriddle

I uploaded “Stick Associate“, the latest 6×6 easy nonoriddle, last night. Not that anybody was up then, including myself. The previous 6×6, “Tale Type” had four people post solve times: david3x3x3 at thirty-seven seconds, Jetzm at forty-five seconds, joefendel at forty-nine seconds, and pamwheatfree at a minute twenty-six.

A Queue of BANGs

So we’ve finally officially announced to the BANG mailing list that we of The Smoking GNU are going to be hosting BANG 22, a simulcast of SNAP 5. (There was a short announcement at the the Microsoft Puzzle Haunt 123, but I don’t know how many people were awake enough to notice…) Which adds one […]

BATH 4 Experiences, Pt. 2

Skipping past our own sector, we headed towards the Burninator’s clue at Stonestown Galleria. First, we had to solve twenty-six clues that generally were play-on-word descriptions of stores at said mall. We got some of them from a list on the web site, more from the store directory (after surviving the parking), and eventually got […]

The Return of the Nonoriddle

I have to admit that while working on BATH 4, my ability to write a nonoriddle simply got up and left. This led to an unofficial, then official, hiatus. Now that BATH 4 and MSPH 12 are over, the ability seems to have returned! Which means… “Health Drink” is up for solving! [insert Kermit the […]

Public Speaking at MSPH

I think I was able to prove at the Stanford wrapup of Microsoft Puzzle Hunt 12 that I am not well-suited for orating to the general population. The best my wife — who had watched the webcast — could say was, “Well, I’ll give you points for conciseness.” My conscious mind doesn’t have a problem […]