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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Aura: Fate of Ages and Sherlock Holmes

Andrea, Given, and I surprisingly finished Aura: Fate of Ages last week. By “surprisingly”, I mean it took us by surprise: We finished one world and expected to head to the next, only to find there was a sequel (Aura: The Sacred Rings). My thoughts: The game started with some real quality puzzles that I […]

Luckless in BANG XX

The first mistake we made at twentieth BANG was to park near the end location instead of the start. The second was that, in walking from the our parking spot to the start location, we didn’t listen to the GPS which was trying to nicely plot us around Telegraph Hill; instead, we went over it. […]

Long Overdue BATH 4 Finale

(Part 1 and Part 2} Having gotten through the Sunset District’s vampire clue, Jonathan, Given, Rob, Mark, and I headed north to Golden Gate Park. loxi’s clue was there and we were looking forward to something to bolster our spirits — they were, after all, the same group who gave us the amazingly fun Ghost […]

How the BANG differed from the SNAP

So, um, we simulcasted SNAP 5 as BANG 22 a few weeks back (results and puzzles). It was crazy. People say they had fun, but in manning my station for Echoes, all I saw was grumpy teams coming from Cipher thinking they only had one puzzle left, only to be handed nine new puzzles all […]