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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Shinteki 5 Playtest and Volunteering Photos, Vids

I seem to be keep putting off writing about my experiences playtesting Shinteki 5, playing on Meat Machine’s team. Maybe it’s the heat, the fact that my daughter’s on summer break, or Karina’s and my sudden obsession with Dexter. Regardless, I’ve put the photos from the event up in my puzzle event album. A few […]

A Fowl Hitchhiker Convergence

After finding out that the library is offering free downloads of certain audiobooks, checkout-style, I’ve been devouring them. One series I hit upon was the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. I’ve quite enjoyed them. But while waiting for the last few to be “returned” by other users, I started listening to the tertiary through […]

BANG 21 Postscript: The UFO

We drove home, solving CRANEA’s countdown puzzle and discussing our frustration with BANG 21’s meta. As we reached the Marin headlands, conversation petered out and I was content just to gaze out the window at the clouds rolling by, glad they hadn’t rained on the experience. I noticed one cloud in particular was slightly darker […]

Coming of Age at BANG 21, Part 2 of 2

As we left the 21 Dots puzzle site (see Part 1), Jonathan remarked that coed astronomy had left five minutes before us. This was an important fact because we had arrived at pretty much the same time, even walking with them briefly and asking about reason behind Jan’s sudden commitment to GCing (scheduling conflicts leading […]

Unexpected Convergence in Researching Game History

Last night, I was continuing my quest for more information about Stephen Sondheim’s Halloween Hunt from 1968. A certain Los Angeles Times article quoted in one of his biographies was my goal. At the same time in a separate window, I was reading Larry’s entry on a death during a Russian urban hunt. He linked […]

Coming of Age at BANG 21, Part 1 of 2

Arriving on time to a puzzle event is not a normal occurance for the Smoking GNU, quite the opposite in fact. However, when Rob, Mark, Given, Jonathan and I set out for BANG 21, the 1.5 hour trip from Santa Rosa to Menlo Park went smoother than expected and we actually showed up a few […]

Ten years after Phantom Menace

Really? Ten years since standing in line for half-a-day (easy by no stretch of the imagination)? Ten years since my then-girlfriend now-wife held her lightsaber high in the middle of the theater as the Fox music played over the intro? Ten years since walking out, full of adrenaline with an awesome finale, only to think, […]