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Monthly Archives: February 2010

I’m sick of "I’m sick of codes"

Every now and then, I come across the phrase “I’m sick of codes” or “We wanted to write an event that didn’t use codes at all” or something to that effect. Every time I do, I almost want to shout “Codes are what make puzzle hunts possible! Without them, my favorite participation event would… not… […]

On Puzzle Hunt Forums

People seem to want there to be a puzzle hunt forum where they can gather to post and discuss different issues. However, when there is one, they rarely post. Why? I think it’s because there’s already one, but spread across the Internet. Instead of new topics, people write blogs. Instead of posts responding to topics, […]

Puzzle Forum Up

Last night at the GC Summit, Scott Blomquist mentioned that he had taken down the puzzlehunters.com forum due to spam abuse. As an alternative, he mentioned maybe using the forum I’d been hosting, though embarrassingly enough, I couldn’t remember the address when asked. I got home and found out why: It’s been offline for nearly […]

DASH 1 – Get Along Lil’ YAKies

(Note: I only took around five photos during this hunt, therefore many of those below are thanks to Amy aka amster_girl, who holds the copyright. Used with permission.) When the Different Area Same Hunt (DASH) was announced, there were a few things our team needed to sort out before registering. Many of the teams we […]