Stuff about, you know, puzzles

When will I hunt again?

2009 was an amazingly full year of puzzle hunts. It seemed like there was one practically every month. It. Was. Awesome. I look at the upcoming events section of The Smoking GNU website, and apart from DASH 2, all I see is a lot of To Be Determined (TBD). Still, it looks like we could have three BANGs and maybe even two Games in 2010. And that’s not counting the other events (Shinteki Decathlon, MUMS, CiSRA, etc.) that will hopefully/probably happen.

I just read today that there’s an RIT CS Puzzle Hunt in the middle of March, and that any team can participate, although the final part requires a live team on campus. Only thing is, it’s short (about four hours). I’ll have to check out some past puzzles when I have a chance; it could be fun.

But I’m really in the mood to get out, stretch my legs, and puzzle while walking around somewhere. I’m even more eager to pile into a van with some great people and spend thirty-some odd hours driving around solving. But if I’m able to host DASH 2 in Santa Rosa (as I hope to), I have no definitive events to look forward to playing in.

I reread my Ghost Patrol memories today, and I really miss playing in a Game. I’ve only played in three, but damn if they aren’t addictive! There wasn’t one in 2009, the first time maybe since they started that there hasn’t been a Game during a year. It’s very easy to complain, though; much much harder to do something about and put one on. The Smoking GNU hopes to put one on eventually, but given our schedule, the earliest would probably 2012. If the world’s still around, that is.