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Puzzle Forum Up

Last night at the GC Summit, Scott Blomquist mentioned that he had taken down the puzzlehunters.com forum due to spam abuse. As an alternative, he mentioned maybe using the forum I’d been hosting, though embarrassingly enough, I couldn’t remember the address when asked. I got home and found out why: It’s been offline for nearly a year. Like Scott B., I’d shut mine down when it began getting spam from Russian advertisers on a daily basis.

So today I installed a new forum at http://forum.puzzalot.com/ if anyone would like to use it. That’s a big assumption, though. Someone once pointed out that people only tend to post when there’s something big and interesting going on, such as a Game. Since that happens, if we’re lucky, once a year, so far teams have set up individual forums after each event. If people like the idea of having an all-encompassing forum, I would love to hear thoughts on how to make it better, organize it best, and retain users.

  • Alexandra (Mystic Fish)

    yes please!!!

  • Skott

    Join up!