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Monthly Archives: April 2010

A Name for Puzzle Hunt Puzzles: DRAT

Last year, Scott Blomquest talked about (and Larry took notes on) the unique encoded mental challenges from a puzzle hunt that many people including myself usually just call, rather vaguely, “puzzles”. He proposed that instead, they could be called “information reduction puzzles”, which, after hearing it, sounded kind of accurate… but not complete. There’s usually […]

Label links problem

Although it appears most things have gone okay during the transition, one thing (so far) has changed. Searching via tags/labels got a new address somehow. So the old tag/label link version started with: http://blog.puzzalot.com/labels/ The new tag/label starts with: http://blog.puzzalot.com/search/label/ I don’t know a) if it can be fixed; b) if I can fix it; […]

Blog Migration… done?

May 1st is the deadline for all Blogger FTP users to migrate to another form of distribution. I think I’ve been able to get it all working seamlessly. We shall see.

Got DASH Pics, Writeups, or Discussions?

Visit the DASH forum. Links to several cities’ photos and a few commentaries are already up. Add your own, or ones you’ve seen. Start a discussion on things you liked, things to improve, or things you hated. Question about a particular puzzle? Post and you should get an answer quickly. Now… off to do some […]

Get out and DASH!

The DASH 2: DASH-TV national puzzle hunt is coming up soon, and most cities still have plenty of room available! Both Los Altos and Seattle have, by far, the most signups. But the other cities — Santa Rosa, Davis, Portland, Austin, Boston, New York City, and Washington DC — still have plenty of room and […]

Lookin’ for a DASH 2 Team?

It may be too late for people looking to play DASH 2 in Seattle, but if your someone who is in need of a team, or a team that wouldn’t mind a few extra bodies, post your request in this thread.

Forum Update: Facebook Login!

So SMF 2.0 with OpenID is still in the RC stage, so I’ve installed a mod for the Puzzalot forum to allow Facebook users to login. It’s a pretty quick process: Just allow the forum access to your Facebook account, decide whether you want it to update your page with forum posts and a few […]