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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Actual puzzles come to Puzzalot!

I registered puzzalot.com about five years ago after I got positive feedback on some puzzles I’d written. My intention at the time was to create a website where a daily and weekly could be showcased with some sort of answer checking system… basically, what Puzzazz is now. For one reason and another, I never was […]

Going Postal – The Movie!

Well, more of a mini-series, really. But one of my favorite Pratchett novels aired on Sky 1 not too long ago, and can be watched on their website. And despite their change in focus of the motivations of the main character, I really enjoyed it. It really captured how I pictured the Discworld city of […]

2 Tone Game photos… if you’ve already played

I put up some photos I took while playing Larry’s 2 Tone Game a few months ago. The album is password protected to prevent spoilers. The password is the solution word to the meta, all lower case. Unfortunately, in order to use password protection, I had to use the old photo gallery, which doesn’t have […]