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Monthly Archives: July 2010

A Dream of BANGs Past

The other night, my subconscious decided to give me a poke. Apparently, it had the solution to the lack of BANGs this year: Re-run old ones! It even told me which one to run and when to run it (my subconscious is not normally that helpful). It even come up with an idea to handle […]

The Great Petaluma Treasure Hunt

Recently, someone joined the Puzzle Hunt forum and in introducing themselves mentioned they were planning on playing in the Great Petaluma Treasure Hunt. Petaluma? Like the Petaluma that’s fifteen minutes away? Wow, who knew? The website describes their hunts as “information-based scavenger hunts, or puzzle hunts”. It sounds a lot like the Chinese New Year […]

What’s happening this year?

With four BANGs having been reserved since the end of March (one of which was for a team that’s been on the queue since 2008), I’d kinda assumed that it was going to be a busy summer, maybe as good as last year. However, it’s the middle of July and if you assume that there […]

Researching Sondheim’s Halloween Hunt

Ever since I found out that Stephen Sondheim and Anthony Perkins hosted the first-ever puzzle hunt back in 1968 (thus inspiring The Last of Sheila film, inspiring Donald Luskin’s Games of the 70s, inspiring Midnight Madness, inspiring Joe Belfiore, bringing us both the present-day Game and Microsoft Puzzle Hunt), I’ve been trying to figure out […]

Start ’em solving young!

A few days ago, my five year-old daughter asked my wife to make her a puzzle. So Karina drew a picture on cardstock and proceeded to draw jigsaw lines over it, intending to cut it out. Natalie took a look at it and nearly burst out in tears. “I wanted a puzzle like the kind […]

Publicizing DASH?

One of the main reasons I wanted to host the second Different Area — Same Hunt earlier this year was that there are very few hunts that happen North Bay. I wanted to change that. I enjoy doing these puzzle hunts and have to think that, statistically speaking, there must be others who would too, […]