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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Does a theme matter?

A while ago, I created a puzzle prototype and tested in Jonathan. He solved it but did not like the extraction of the final answer. “Why not?” I asked. “Because there’s no reason for it,” he responded. “It was just an extra layer of difficulty simply for difficulty’s sake.”* “And how would you fix it?” […]

My Predictive Puzzle Hunt Powers!

I’ve developed the ability to predict the future! Not long ago, I had a dream about rerunning BANG 13: Trick or BANG on Halloween weekend. Since then, two BANG dates have been set: – BANG 23 – The League is “rerunning” this event. – Ghost Patrol BANG – Being held on Halloween weekend. This must […]

Places the BANG leaves out

The other day, Google Alerts sent me a link to Daniel Mathews recollections of BANG 15: BANG App├ętit. I think I’d read it before, but one benefit of having a lousy memory is that after a few years, everything old becomes new. In it, one quote in particular struck me: That formidable collective which has […]