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Yearly Archives: 2012

BANG 33 Rerun: Why I didn’t play

Me:  Hey N?  You know that puzzle hunt I've been planning on playing in for the past month or so?  Well, your karate tournament that they just announced happens to be on the same day.  So do you think I should go to the puzzle hunt or to your tournament? N:  I would really like […]

Static Zombie’s Electrical Resurrection

WordPress recently shot me an email to let me know that one of my links was broken.  The link was to Peter Serrett's blog entry regarding the trial for the 2002 Shelby Logan's Run Game.  Curious, I checked out his website to see if it had disappeared.  Instead, I was pleased to find he was […]

WarTron – (Tell me you’ll) Have A Terrible Time!

So WarTron is coming up.  Due to a new addition to our household that's going to need a few more years before she's up for participating in The Game (not to mention the cost of going to Portland to play), I am sadly not playing.  So I hope everyone has a great time but please […]

Puzzle Hunts for Kids – Top Secret Adventures

My 7 year-old daughter Natalie has been somewhat interested in puzzle hunts since I worked on DASH 2.  After all, why does Daddy disappear for 1-2 days during some weekends, to go on these mysterious puzzle hunts?  Very mysterious, very interesting. One time, she asked my wife to make a puzzle for her.  Karina proceeded […]

Puzzle Hunt Countdown!

Okay, so I like playing with gadgets, widgets, and maybe some other dgets.  So I decided to add a widget to this blog that counts down to the next puzzle hunt.  Okay, the next puzzle hunt that I plan to play in, or would like to play in, or will be there in spirit.  Right […]

New Blog Location and Feed

So I've decided to migrate to WordPress.  I'm attempting to make the move as seamless as possible, but in case any glitches arise, but here are the new addresses: * Blog: http://www.puzzalot.com/wordpress * Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/puzzalot I'll be making the feed switch in the next few hours, so on the off-chance that a) someone is subscribed […]

Found! Lego Puzzle Piece

For the past few years, the pyramid puzzle that I kept as a souvenir from coed astronomy’s excellent SF Leisurely Mini-Game has been missing a single Lego. Today I found it! And somehow I feel more complete. Man, did I only blog about three times last year? I have to do better. Unfortunately, I kind […]