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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Famine Game: Can it be re-cast?

The Famine Game ran this past weekend and by all accounts was one of the best puzzle hunts ever, if not THE best.  See below for reactions from the community. A few of the past hunts, such as World Henchmen Orginization and WarTron have been recast, i.e. done again in a different location, months later.  It makes me […]

Puzzles in Fiction: The Red Blazer Girls

(Man, it's been a long time since I've written one of these.) The Red Blazer Girls: The Ring of Rocamadour was recommended to me by my daughter's karate compadre, who describes it as her favorite book series.  So I took the chance of reading a book recommended by a 9 year-old.  I'm glad I did. […]

5th Place in the Great Petaluma Treasure Hunt!

Last month, I participated in what thus far has been the only walking puzzle hunt I've been able to participate in this year (the announcement of a new Ghost Patrol "short format" game and Dr. Bob's third rerun of Elevate Tutoring Puzzle Hunt 2 threaten to put an end to this trend):  The Great Petaluma Treasure Hunt. […]

Banks, Heists, and Puzzles

Escape from the Bank is the newest real life escape game from SCRAP.  I'm kind of excited about this.  It may be a coincidence, but at the end of Escape from the Mysterious Room, they asked for feedback and suggestions for new escape games and I suggested escaping from a bank vault.  Maybe they took my suggestion […]