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Monthly Archives: October 2013

# Cheers for Octothorpean, Puzzle Hunt Trainer!

On November 16, 2013 at 11am PST, Larry Hosken's Octothorpean Order puzzle hunt opens to the general public.  One of the (many) reasons I'm excited about this is that there at last will be somewhere to point friends, family, and random strangers who are interested in puzzle hunts but may find the current thrown-in-the-deepend-and-see-if-you-can-swim method more than a little […]

Adding to a Plethora of Heist Games

Tomorrow morning, I'm set to join Dr. Bob and team for a morning of fun puzzling as we try to Escape from the Bank.  Really looking forward to it, as it may have been something I inspired (aka a tiny ego trip, as detailed previously).  I'm eager to see how the game play mechanics work […]

There’s a “How To Run a Puzzle Hunt” book?

Apparently so.  Written by Jonobie Ford of Team Liboncatipu, who ran Microsoft Puzzle Hunt 14, How To Run A Puzzle Hunt was published just a few months ago.  I just downloaded it from SmashWords and look forward to reading it.  It's also free from iTunes and Barnes & Nobles, but for some reason costs $0.99 at Amazon