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Adding to a Plethora of Heist Games

Tomorrow morning, I'm set to join Dr. Bob and team for a morning of fun puzzling as we try to Escape from the Bank.  Really looking forward to it, as it may have been something I inspired (aka a tiny ego trip, as detailed previously).  I'm eager to see how the game play mechanics work out and how realistic it is.  Having played in both Escape from Werewolf Village, where nearly all the action took place at the table in a room full of teams, and Escape from the Mysterious Room, where one team of eleven is given free reign to explore an entire room for clues, I'm betting more on the former.  Either way, I expect a lot of fun.

Last Saturday, I played in Palantir's Stanford puzzle hunt with The Judean GNUs (or was it the Smoking People's Front?).  I really enjoyed it, had a few key insights, and had some amazing teammates who can solve some puzzles in under five minutes (i.e. before I'm done reading the flavor text), allowing us to come in second.  The plot dealt with breaking into Las Vegas casino(s) and trying to recover some stolen money.  The hunt's title?  The H.E.I.S.T.

Then earlier this year, the 2013 MIT Mystery Hunt's plot required teams to "pull a bank heist to retrieve the coin."

Okay, so maybe three heist-themed hunts within the space of a year is not exactly a plethora.  And maybe instead of all somehow originating in my suggestion for DASH 3, a heist hunt just an idea whose time has come.  DASH 3 did decide to go the fairy tale route, and suddenly it seemed like every other movie and TV show coming out were fairy tale themed (Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror, Jack the Giant Slayer, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Tangled, etc.); maybe something similar is happening with heist-themed hunts.  Sadly, though, part of me really wants to take credit for inspiring them.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this now is that I've been slowly working on a heist-themed event and wanted to be sure that if, it ever sees the light of day, there was good evidence it wasn't a knockoff of "Escape from the Bank" that I'm playing in tomorrow.  The idea came after playing in the Great Petaluma Treasure Hunt a few months ago, before either SCRAPs game or Palantir were announced.  It was inspired by the discussion I had with the creator of how to get more Sonoma County people interested in this sort of thing.  The thought came to me that maybe I could set up a continual-running event that came in multiple difficulty levels that would be the right size for families and give them a unique experience that made them want more.  What to theme it on, though?  A heist, of course!

So far, my ratio of actual events to planned events is about 5 to 11, making odds of it happening less than 33% based on past performance.  Besides, there are two very important projects I'm working on with the one hour spare time that I have each day:  Finishing the kitchen renovation and another longer, harder project that isn't puzzle related but am keeping under wraps for now.  They need to be finished first before I can move forward with my own heist event.  Here's to hoping!