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Monthly Archives: April 2014

2013 in Review

Ack!  DASH 6 is tomorrow.  I had meant to do a quick writeup of each of the events I played in last year so I wouldn't forget them.  I apparently, have only done one!  Let's see if instead I can get a quick paragraph in for each one. DASH 5 – Didn't actually play live. […]

Epilepsy and Me: The Big Bad Seizure

I awoke and instantly it was all wrong. I was lying on my back, but not in my bed.  I tried to move my head to look around me, but found it was strapped down. The same was true of my limbs as well. I could not move.  "What's happening?" I croaked out.  Someone sitting nearby. […]

Epilepsy and Me: The Missed Beginning

A few days ago on March 26, it was Purple Day.  This day has been set up to raise awareness of epilepsy and show support of those who have it.  Having been diagnosed with epilepsy 25 years ago this summer, I wanted to take some time to write about my experiences. My first brush with […]