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Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Case for (and against) a Lyme Disease Infection

My doctor seems to think that the tests run so far show that I have a clean bill of physical health, despite my symptoms.  So I've ended up playing House, M.D.  I admit, it may be a worthless cause, as the human brain is programmed to look for patterns, even if they don't exist.  Regardless, […]

The BANG is back!

Today is historic!  It's the first BANG in over four years (three if you include the Elevate Tutoring Charity BANG).  Lots of people have thought to put one on, but the plans always seemed to fall by the wayside; Larry Hosken and team have been the first to actually pull it off. I had always […]

What the hell has happened to me!?

It's not been a good few months for me. Something has gone terribly wrong with my health, both mentally and physically.  I am so confused and frustrated and angry and lost and helpless.  It's not even close to being funny, regardless of how much I try and joke about this situation.  And it feels like […]