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The BANG is back!

Today is historic!  It's the first BANG in over four years (three if you include the Elevate Tutoring Charity BANG).  Lots of people have thought to put one on, but the plans always seemed to fall by the wayside; Larry Hosken and team have been the first to actually pull it off.

I had always wanted to be part of the return of the BANG and was part of the team working on BANG 34.  Unfortunately, I had to drop out due to my new health problems.  Thankfully, Yar Woo stepped in to take my place, joining Larry, Jan Chong and Paul Rundle as the crazy people who put together BANG 34:  Hill Hunt.  I hope it goes well and that players have fun.

I'm so thrilled!  Hopefully, it leads to a BANG renaissance.  I see there's already a new Ghost Patrol BANG with a scheduled date.  Hopefully, I'll be feeling well enough to play by the time it rolls around.


  • If BANG is back, it’s thanks to you, sir. You were there for some key decisions.

    • gotskott

      I’ll have to take your word for that! I’m just glad it worked out.