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A BANG-less Alcatraz

A few years ago, I wondered idly if a BANG themed on The Rock was plausible and shot off an email to the National Parks Service. While recently trying to find some old emails, I came across the response, which pretty much had put the idea to rest. Dear Scott, Thanks for your inquiry regarding […]

Ghost Patrol BANG Deja Vu

The Smoking GNU didn’t make the cut for the upcoming Ghost Patrol BANG, which sold out its 50 spots in less than fifteen minutes, which was about when Jonathan tried to register. So maybe we can get in on the playtest and have the weather turn out tons better than during the actual event? I […]

My Predictive Puzzle Hunt Powers!

I’ve developed the ability to predict the future! Not long ago, I had a dream about rerunning BANG 13: Trick or BANG on Halloween weekend. Since then, two BANG dates have been set: – BANG 23 – The League is “rerunning” this event. – Ghost Patrol BANG – Being held on Halloween weekend. This must […]

Places the BANG leaves out

The other day, Google Alerts sent me a link to Daniel Mathews recollections of BANG 15: BANG App├ętit. I think I’d read it before, but one benefit of having a lousy memory is that after a few years, everything old becomes new. In it, one quote in particular struck me: That formidable collective which has […]

BANG 26 – Eaters of the Clues (Part One)

In the eleven minute window that was the sign-up period for BANG XXVI: Viking Conquest, Jonathan was able to grab one of the twenty-five open positions for our team. Our friends/rivals the Judean’s People Front were not quite so lucky, so we decided to add Eric and Laura to our roster. Given then decided to […]

BANG 25 Writeup Addendum

Jonathan rarely reads my writeups. On the occasion he does, he often complains about their accuracy. I think he said at one point that they maybe averaged being 90% accurate. Given the limitations of human memory (especially mine), I’m almost surprised it’s that high. I comfort myself that, like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, […]

BANG 25: A Study in Scholarship, Part Three

(Part 1 and Part 2) Clue Eight – A Quick Exercise I went and grabbed some water that GC was kind enough to provide as Given, Rob, William, and Jonathan sat down to solve our next puzzle. It had a list of people you would never expect to play baseball, their position, and batting order. […]