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Classy Nonoriddle

“Swim Class” is finally online and ready to be solved. It’s been too long since “80s Rapper II was put up, but the answers are now available for it. david3x3x3 led the pack in solve times at forty-two seconds, followed by Jetzm at forty-five seconds, joefendel at fifty-six, and catherwood at a minute thirty-one. I […]

A Nonoriddle to Sell You

The solution to this week’s 10×10, “Bridge Burner“, made my wife give a short snort of laughter when she read it, so be warned. Five times came in for last week’s “Kinks’ Album“. David3x3x3 was a quick three minutes twelve seconds, followed by a tie between Jetzm and joefendel at three minutes fifty seconds. Prestemon […]

New Nonoriddle Up plus Best Time

This week’s puzzle is available. Every time I worked on this one, a certain song kept getting stuck in my head. It annoyed my wife tremendously. For last week’s, the best time was just over seven and a half minutes, accomplished by my youngest brother. At least I know he’s having fun! I hope other […]