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Help find puzzle hunt resources!

One of the best thing about the Puzzle Hunt Forum (which is going to be turning 1 soon) is when new people find it and post messages about their interest and experienced players encourage them. Their usual question, though, has been “This is so cool! What do I do now?” To that end, I’m trying […]

Actual puzzles come to Puzzalot!

I registered puzzalot.com about five years ago after I got positive feedback on some puzzles I’d written. My intention at the time was to create a website where a daily and weekly could be showcased with some sort of answer checking system… basically, what Puzzazz is now. For one reason and another, I never was […]

Got DASH Pics, Writeups, or Discussions?

Visit the DASH forum. Links to several cities’ photos and a few commentaries are already up. Add your own, or ones you’ve seen. Start a discussion on things you liked, things to improve, or things you hated. Question about a particular puzzle? Post and you should get an answer quickly. Now… off to do some […]

Lookin’ for a DASH 2 Team?

It may be too late for people looking to play DASH 2 in Seattle, but if your someone who is in need of a team, or a team that wouldn’t mind a few extra bodies, post your request in this thread.

Forum Update: Facebook Login!

So SMF 2.0 with OpenID is still in the RC stage, so I’ve installed a mod for the Puzzalot forum to allow Facebook users to login. It’s a pretty quick process: Just allow the forum access to your Facebook account, decide whether you want it to update your page with forum posts and a few […]

Puzzle Forum Up

Last night at the GC Summit, Scott Blomquist mentioned that he had taken down the puzzlehunters.com forum due to spam abuse. As an alternative, he mentioned maybe using the forum I’d been hosting, though embarrassingly enough, I couldn’t remember the address when asked. I got home and found out why: It’s been offline for nearly […]