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Blind to the Problem

I’ve been going over Ian’s 2010 GC Summit Talk recently for various reasons. One thing he brought up is the fact that puzzle hunt puzzles have built up a few conventions that while providing quick entry for experienced puzzles, limits both the puzzle writer and newer entries into the field. From his talk: You all […]

A Name for Puzzle Hunt Puzzles: DRAT

Last year, Scott Blomquest talked about (and Larry took notes on) the unique encoded mental challenges from a puzzle hunt that many people including myself usually just call, rather vaguely, “puzzles”. He proposed that instead, they could be called “information reduction puzzles”, which, after hearing it, sounded kind of accurate… but not complete. There’s usually […]

Puzzle Forum Up

Last night at the GC Summit, Scott Blomquist mentioned that he had taken down the puzzlehunters.com forum due to spam abuse. As an alternative, he mentioned maybe using the forum I’d been hosting, though embarrassingly enough, I couldn’t remember the address when asked. I got home and found out why: It’s been offline for nearly […]

Long Distance Puzzle Affairs

I have two puzzle-related trips to make to the South Bay this week, thanks to, at minimum, three teams (Coed Astronomy, Just Passing Through, and one team who, for the moment, shall remain nameless – mostly because I don’t yet know their name), both of which I’m looking forward to. The main drawback, of course, […]

To Summit or Not to Summit

Last year I had planned to attend the GC Summit 2007, but decided at a late minute that it was more important to go to an event with my wife, despite her proclimation that she would have been fine with it. Luckily, Jonathan went and gave me a good account; in addition the three main […]