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Public Speaking at MSPH

I think I was able to prove at the Stanford wrapup of Microsoft Puzzle Hunt 12 that I am not well-suited for orating to the general population. The best my wife — who had watched the webcast — could say was, “Well, I’ll give you points for conciseness.” My conscious mind doesn’t have a problem […]

Upcoming Puzzle Events

Today – Trogday: Trogdor turns five. January 18 – MIT Mystery Hunt: Jonathan’s flying out to Boston and joining the Silly Hat Brigade, the captain of which, oddly enough, went to the SRJC with us. Sure, he was eight at the time, but maybe he’ll remember. February 3 – Superbowl XLII: Hosting a surprise mini-puzzle […]

Understanding the Point

On Saturday, I was travelling down to Berkeley and gazed out across the bay at San Francisco. As I saw one of the more obvious landmarks of the City, it suddenly hit me: I now understand why the Transamerica Pyramid and the Washington Monument were used in a visual depiction of GPS coordinates.

MSPH Update: 13th Place?

I got an email from Randy last night that our team, 196, had been bumped down a few places, to 13th. I’m assuming that that is still based on time since a few teams apparently took on OUTERMAGE without GC noticing until the wrapup, where they promised to update standings. Considering we were in first […]

MSPH 11.0 Initial Assesment

MSPH 11.0 is finished. The team Jonathan and I joined, 196 (don’t ask, only two team members truly understand the reason for the odd team name, and nobody understands when they explain anyway), placed 7th or 10th depending on whether you find total points or finish order more important. We were even in first place […]