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Puzzle hunt pencil problem: Solved!

On Saturday, I playtested Shinteki Decathlon 8. I can’t say anything about that (yet), but I think I finally solved a problem I’ve had since I first started playing in puzzle hunts: Pencil attrition. I learned pretty quickly not to bring my favorite pencils on puzzle hunts because they always ended up lost or permanently […]

Puzzle Hunts for Kids – Top Secret Adventures

My 7 year-old daughter Natalie has been somewhat interested in puzzle hunts since I worked on DASH 2.  After all, why does Daddy disappear for 1-2 days during some weekends, to go on these mysterious puzzle hunts?  Very mysterious, very interesting. One time, she asked my wife to make a puzzle for her.  Karina proceeded […]

Help find puzzle hunt resources!

One of the best thing about the Puzzle Hunt Forum (which is going to be turning 1 soon) is when new people find it and post messages about their interest and experienced players encourage them. Their usual question, though, has been “This is so cool! What do I do now?” To that end, I’m trying […]

What’s happening this year?

With four BANGs having been reserved since the end of March (one of which was for a team that’s been on the queue since 2008), I’d kinda assumed that it was going to be a busy summer, maybe as good as last year. However, it’s the middle of July and if you assume that there […]

Publicizing DASH?

One of the main reasons I wanted to host the second Different Area — Same Hunt earlier this year was that there are very few hunts that happen North Bay. I wanted to change that. I enjoy doing these puzzle hunts and have to think that, statistically speaking, there must be others who would too, […]

The 2 Tone Game – The GNUs Check In

A while ago, Larry Hosken asked the BANG list if anyone wanted to test out a puzzle event he was designing. It might take a few hours for a fast team. Since he had been kind enough to test some puzzles for me a while back and since I doubted that Jonathan would drive up […]

Get out and DASH!

The DASH 2: DASH-TV national puzzle hunt is coming up soon, and most cities still have plenty of room available! Both Los Altos and Seattle have, by far, the most signups. But the other cities — Santa Rosa, Davis, Portland, Austin, Boston, New York City, and Washington DC — still have plenty of room and […]

DASH 1 – Get Along Lil’ YAKies

(Note: I only took around five photos during this hunt, therefore many of those below are thanks to Amy aka amster_girl, who holds the copyright. Used with permission.) When the Different Area Same Hunt (DASH) was announced, there were a few things our team needed to sort out before registering. Many of the teams we […]