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A Nonoriddle Wedding

It’s 30F out and the only place I can get a signal is on the balcony, so I’m only missing “both ways” and “through the snow” as I upload the latest nonoriddle. “Wedding Type” is now up for solving. I’m sorry about all the delays; hopefully, I’m back on schedule now. It is one of […]

Tahoe Baby!

We finally arrived arrived at Lake Tahoe yesterday, after taking a detour through Sacramento and Grass Valley on our way up here. Interesting times, culminating in the Emprie Gold Mine self-guided tour. We’re now staying at a place called Chinquapin, but only can afford it because of pooling of money between family. Plans while we’re […]

Gamin’ on the Slopes

If it rained today, I didn’t see it. But it was predicted and that shows that the 2007 puzzle hunt season is drawing to a close. No one has announced any new BANGs (though I hear of rumors from time to time of teams, including my own, working on one), or Games, or anything else. […]