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The best Sci-Fi I never watch

I always seem to hear how Battlestar Galactica is the best show on TV right now. I only watched the mini-series and decided to go no further. Some friends and my dad wonder why I never got into it. The reason is because I knew that at some point this was going to happen:

Heroes and the Villan Ex Machina

I haven’t seen yesterday’s Heroes, but I wanted write something down about last week’s so I can get back to sleep. I actually thought “Our Father” was developing quite well, with Claire and Hiro interacting with their parents sixteen years ago and successfully getting the carrier of the catalyst (aka the Light) to be switched […]

Puzzles in Fiction: Crusoe

The TV show “Crusoe” caught my attention since it’s basically the only period piece on TV that I know of. (Well, there’s “Robin Hood”, but I’m not counting BBC America.) It may be nothing like the book — which I can’t seem to get through, although the audiobook is great for curing insomnia — but […]

How I scared my daughter before Halloween

There are some TV shows we just don’t watch with our three year-old daughter. C.S.I. and House, for example, are shows that are just a little too graphic for her. I’m not saying that based off of parental guesswork; she’s told us so herself. However, we’ve usually been fine with Life, since it’s mostly talking […]

CBS’s Psych

Is it just me or did CBS just take Psych (one of my favorite shows), put it in a blender, and serve it as a crime drama called The Mentalist?

Candorville and Rice on Journeyman

I was surprised to see that not only did Darrin Bell, artist and author of Candorville, agree with me about Journeyman’s qualities as a TV show, he’s also come to the same conclusion as I: Maybe if I apologize for admiring the show’s sophisticated writing, its surprisingly (for network TV) moving acting, and the sense […]

The Death of a Journeyman

I seem to have a habit of latching on to lost causes as far as TV series go. I find some program I think is a gem, but performs like an underdog. I root for it, hope for it, but like my faith in the Raiders, it tends not to come through. Some previous examples […]