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Health Update: No Go For Star Wars… Yet

So it's been a few weeks since the cavity that was causing a majority of my problems was discovered and taken care of.  Most of my symptoms went away – especially the ones doctors and specialists said showed I was suffering from clinical depression.  But I'm not back to normal.  Not yet. As a test, […]

The First Puzzle Hunt-Style Puzzle!

A little over a year ago, I came across a text that contained a puzzle that I was fairly certain I could definitively say was the very first puzzle hunt ever with the first puzzle hunt-style puzzle. Pretty exciting find for an amateur puzzle hunt historian! But before I typed up anything, I decided that […]

BATH 5 – A Quick Retrospective

There's a draft sitting in my queue titled, "My Birthday Hunt aka BATH 5 – Part 1".  As of today, it's been two years since I started my attempt at an old-fashioned multi-part detailed write-up of the hunt that was put together for my birthday.  Unfortunately, being a stay-at-home dad of a one year-old (now […]

Found: One thing wrong with me

I am humbled and truly thankful for all the support and help that my family and I received after writing about the physical and psychological problems I've been having since August.  The good news is, things recently began to change. So after tons of blood draws, x-rays, poking, prodding, and consultations, I was basically told I have […]

The Case for (and against) a Lyme Disease Infection

My doctor seems to think that the tests run so far show that I have a clean bill of physical health, despite my symptoms.  So I've ended up playing House, M.D.  I admit, it may be a worthless cause, as the human brain is programmed to look for patterns, even if they don't exist.  Regardless, […]

The BANG is back!

Today is historic!  It's the first BANG in over four years (three if you include the Elevate Tutoring Charity BANG).  Lots of people have thought to put one on, but the plans always seemed to fall by the wayside; Larry Hosken and team have been the first to actually pull it off. I had always […]

What the hell has happened to me!?

It's not been a good few months for me. Something has gone terribly wrong with my health, both mentally and physically.  I am so confused and frustrated and angry and lost and helpless.  It's not even close to being funny, regardless of how much I try and joke about this situation.  And it feels like […]

Expressing disappointment in a puzzle hunt?

At the finish line of BANG 22, both Jonathan and I wandered the crowd of finished solvers and asked for some honest feedback.  Mostly, we got expressions of appreciation and "Awesome job!".  But I know it wasn't a perfect hunt, none ever is.  I'd asked teams what their least favorite part was, but got no real answers.  How can […]

Puzzle (Hunts) in Fiction: Elementary

I've seen TV show episodes that use the terms "scavenger hunt", "treasure hunt", "mystery hunt", and even "ARG" in reference to the type of entertainment known as "pervasive games".  However, I had never heard any of them use the phrase "puzzle hunt", even when referring to something that I would consider to be one. That changed a few […]

2013 in Review

Ack!  DASH 6 is tomorrow.  I had meant to do a quick writeup of each of the events I played in last year so I wouldn't forget them.  I apparently, have only done one!  Let's see if instead I can get a quick paragraph in for each one. DASH 5 – Didn't actually play live. […]