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BANG 26 – Eaters of the Clues (Part One)

In the eleven minute window that was the sign-up period for BANG XXVI: Viking Conquest, Jonathan was able to grab one of the twenty-five open positions for our team. Our friends/rivals the Judean’s People Front were not quite so lucky, so we decided to add Eric and Laura to our roster. Given then decided to […]

DASH 1 – Get Along Lil’ YAKies

(Note: I only took around five photos during this hunt, therefore many of those below are thanks to Amy aka amster_girl, who holds the copyright. Used with permission.) When the Different Area Same Hunt (DASH) was announced, there were a few things our team needed to sort out before registering. Many of the teams we […]

BANG 25: A Study in Scholarship, Part Three

(Part 1 and Part 2) Clue Eight – A Quick Exercise I went and grabbed some water that GC was kind enough to provide as Given, Rob, William, and Jonathan sat down to solve our next puzzle. It had a list of people you would never expect to play baseball, their position, and batting order. […]

BANG 25: A Study in Scholarship, Part Two

(Part 1) Clue Four – Handwriting Analysis Eliminating travel time from scoring consideration had some side benefits: We could grab food and/or take care of other things before requesting the puzzle. That way our team isn’t discombobulated and split up doing several different things instead of all of us working on the puzzle. Since our […]

BANG 25: A Study in Scholarship, Part One

Prologue: Eye on the Prize A week or so before BANG 25: Back to School, I stood in Kmart’s electronic division and gave Jonathan a call. I explained to him where I was and that I had found a candidate for our prize to bring to the event. “It’s Guitar Hero 3 with guitar for […]